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Thanks, Caryn!
Dear Reader,
Two weeks ago I published article that had grammatical errors in it (titled "Where Ya Headed?" See below for the full article). Caryn Hinebauch of Scottsbluff caught the error and shared her comments with the Star Herald (see them below, titled "Error made, but real truth revealed").
Thanks Caryn, for the feedback, and the insight! It gave me a lot to think about, and I agree with you 100 % ! The idea is something I wouldn't have thought so much about had you not shared your well written response.
ALL READERS! Please take the lead that Caryn has set for us, and let's all start reading and posting and WORKING TOGETHER TO KEEP LOVE ALIVE!!
I started the trend by posting my own comment on Caryn's article below!
Mark Anderson
Couples Therapist

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