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Error made, but real truth revealed
To the Editor:
It was with amusement that I read Mark Anderson's "Keepin' Love Alive: Where Ya Headed?" article in the Sunday, January 30, paper. Several times in the first few paragraphs, the word wondered/wondering was errantly used in place of wandered/wandering.
But then I started thinking: isn't it truly in the wondering that we start to wander in our marriages? A we wonder (to think or speculate curiously), we may let our mind focus on things such as: "I wonder what it would be like if my husband really listened to me the way my co-worker does," or "I wonder how my life would be now if I had made this relational decision instead of the one I actually chose."
Then, little by little and without even realizing it, we wander (to take one direction or another without conscious intent or control) into areas where thoughts become dwelt upon, then actions taken, and then we are so far off course that correction is very difficult to achieve. And we wonder (again!) how we got here; it surely was not at all intentional.
Mark Anderson hit the nail on the head; and the grammatical errors only served to prove his point even more!
Caryn Hinebach

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  1. Caryn,

    I love this idea! The more I think about it, the more I realize that I need to assure that my mind WONDERS in the right direction...like "I WONDER where I could take my wife out on a date tonight?"....then I'm one step closer to my behavior WANDERING in the right direction to keep love alive! :-)